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More than "just" a necklace - Discover the ESKONA jewelry collection

The new ESKONA necklace is versatile combinable and fits to every outfit

Why is a necklace from ESKONA special?

We have developed a concept that allows you to change the design of your jewelry at any time. The middle part is replaceable by a thread. So it holds securely when opening and closing and can be replaced without effort by a middle part with a different coating or design.

You get maximum flexibility and can combine your jewelry with different outfits.

The technical details:

Length of the clasp: 24mm

Diameter of the clasp: 10mm

Clasp material: 316L stainless steel

Surface: stainless steel matte, black PVD coated, copper PVD coated

Clasp type: Magnet

Chain diameter: 2mm

Chain material: rubber

Color of chain: Black

Magnetverschluss Halskette Austauschbares Mittelteil Halskette PVD
The magnetic clasp is easy to open and close
The middle parts can be replaced without tools


You like it uncomplicated and functional? Then you will like our BASIC collection. Here you get a necklace where the clasp is made entirely of satin stainless steel. You can choose between a round and a square design for the middle parts.

Of course you can complement your necklace with PVD coated center parts from our accessories. This way you get an additional Bi Color look and can vary the look as you like.

Discover the Basic Necklaces


You like variety? Then you might like our Bi-Color collection. Here, the clasp is made of matte stainless steel. For the middle part, you can choose between a copper-colored or a black PVD coating. You can also choose a round or a square design.

Or choose a reverse bi-color necklace. Here the clasp is PVD coated and the middle part is made of satin stainless steel.

Discover the Bi-Color necklaces


Still not enough? Then we can help you with our PVD collection. Here all metal parts of your necklace are coated with PVD. You can also choose between a black and a copper colored coating.

For maximum contrast you can combine both colors. This way you are guaranteed to get a unique necklace.

Discover the necklaces of the PVD collection