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Our idea is to create a bracelet that can be changed individually with little effort. So you have the opportunity to customize the appearance of your bracelet, according to your preferences.

After we created and tested several concepts in 3D printing, we came up with the idea of ​​making the middle part of the bracelet interchangeable with a thread. It holds securely when opening and closing the bracelet and can easily be replaced by a middle part with a different coating or a different design.

Armband Konzept



We use paracord (also known as parachute cord) for our bracelet. It is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope originally used as suspension lines of parachutes. 

The outer shell is made from a high number of interwoven strands, giving it an even texture. This cord is now used as a general purpose utility cord for many applications.

You can order the paracord for your bracelet in different colours.

Paracord Farben für Edelstahlarmband

Stainless steel 316L with glass bead blasted surface 

Our Clasp is made of 316L grade stainless steel. It is sometimes referred to as marine grade stainless steel. This is a high quality steel that provides a great corrosion resistance and is used in the medical industry or in the jewelry industry. The parts are CNC turned from a solid rod of stainless steel. This creates the distinctive milling marks that give the components a beautiful look.

The surface is blasted with glass beads. When they hit the metal surface, the glass beads create tiny impacts, each of which acts like a concave mirror. As a result, the parts have a beautiful frosted surface and an elegant shine.

Edelstahl Glasperlengestrahlt