High-quality bracelets with interchangeable middle part

Versandkostenfreie Lieferung (DE) ab 10€ - Made in Germany - Individueller Schmuck

Normal jewelry is too boring for you? Are you looking for something special? – Discover stainless steel jewelry that you can change individually!

We have developed a concept that allows you to change the design of your jewelry at any time. The middle part of our bracelets and necklaces is replaceable with a thread. So you can give your stainless steel jewelry a new design in no time at all without any effort.

You can choose from different designs and coatings. This gives you maximum flexibility and you can combine your bracelet or necklace with different outfits.


Jewelry from ESKONA has the special feature that you can adjust the look of your jewelry at any time.

Easy to change

The construction of our jewelry allows you to do this
Easily replace the middle section. Choose from different colors and shapes.
The middle parts are compatible with each other.


With one piece of jewelry and different middle parts, you have countless options for designing your jewelry and can get the most out of your jewelry. Match it perfectly to your outfit at any time.