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The new ESKONA bracelet is more than "just" a bracelet


ESKONA stands for innovative jewelry and timeless design. We are a young company and manufacture exclusively in Germany. Our mission is to reinterpret jewelry.

So that you can use your arm jewelry in everyday life and enjoy it for a long time, we have developed a bracelet that can be easily changed by you. So you can combine it to different outfits and occasions. And it never gets boring.

In 2022, we successfully crowdfunded our customizable bracelet on Kickstarter.




The ESKONA concept

With our bracelet you can change the middle part. This allows you to change the look of your jewelry in a few simple steps.

The clasp of our bracelets consists of 3 stainless steel parts. The middle part is screwed onto the clasp by a thread. This ensures that it is firmly attached to the bracelet and cannot be accidentally lost. On the other hand, the thread allows the center part to be easily replaced with another design without tools.

We place great emphasis on high-quality components. The clasps and center section for our bracelets are milled from high quality 316L stainless steel. This stainless steel is also known as surgical steel and is characterized by high corrosion resistance.

To achieve a unique finish, the surface of our stainless steel parts is glass bead blasted. Glass beads are shot onto the stainless steel surface at high speed to create a matte surface. This type of surface treatment is gentle on the material and gives the workpiece a unique, matte shine.

For our coated components we use a PVD coating. The abbreviation PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition. This is a process in which the coating is vapor deposited onto the material. PVD provides an increase in material hardness and a unique optical effect.

Magnetverschluss Armband

Mittelteile wechselbar Armband
The magnetic clasp is easy to open and close
The middle part can be replaced without tools


For our bracelets we use paracord. It is also called Parachute Cord (parachute cord). This is a kernmantle rope made of nylon, which was originally used as a catch line for American parachutes. After jumping, paratroopers could use the lines for many other purposes. Today, paracord is used as a versatile all-purpose leash.

The cord is made of a high number of tightly interwoven threads, resulting in a uniformly smooth surface.

You can choose the paracord for your bracelet in different colors.



Length of the clasp: 24mm

Diameter of the clasp: 10mm

Clasp material: 316L stainless steel

Surface: stainless steel matte, black PVD coated, copper PVD coated

Clasp type: Magnet


Cord diameter: 6mm

Cord Material: Paracord

Cord Colors: Dark green, neon orange, red, blue, black, white, gray, olive green.



With the BASIC Collection you get a timeless, elegant stainless steel bracelet. The buckle is made of satin stainless steel. The middle part is also made of satin stainless steel. You can choose from two designs. Round and Square.

With a PVD coated additional center part you can easily change the design and make your bracelet unique.

Discover the Basic Bracelets



Want to have more options or bring a little more variety to your wrist? Then the Bi-Color Collection is the right choice for you. You get a bracelet with a PVD coated center part. You can choose from a copper PVD or a black PVD coating.


Discover the copper colored BI-Color bracelets

Discover the black BI-Color bracelets




With the PVD collection you get a bracelet where the clasp and the center part is PVD coated. Choose from a copper-colored or a black coating. Here you have the most combination options to find your individual look.


Discover the copper PVD bracelets

Discover the black PVD bracelets