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Exceptional resin and gemstone jewelry


We use precious metals and gems and bring them into a new context. In our jewelry collection we attach great importance to a good fit for everyday use and a high wearing comfort. Our jewelry is made by hand. Each piece is unique. 


As a modern jewelry label, we use a wide variety of materials and metals. A very interesting material is resin. It´s a transprarent synthetic resin in which various materials can be casted. Resin jewelry is becoming increasingly popular.


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Exclusive timepieces


In addition to jewelry, we also produce exclusive and high-quality wristwatches.


To ensure that you can carry your ESKONA watch in everyday life, we pay attention to a high degree of functionality in our wristwatches. The 40mm wide and 9mm high case adapts perfectly to your wrist. This ensures a comfortable fit.


In our movements, we rely exclusively on high-quality Swiss automatic movements.



The design language of our wristwatches is also functional and timeless.